Ongoing & upcoming exhibitions

Brussels, Belgium
12|03 - 08|05

This is how a sentence could look like, or illustration of thought
Zane Mellupe, 2015

On the occasion of its latest group exhibition,'1000 Apertures & 1 Visage', ifa gallery proposes a panorama of artworks in which are evoked various symbols of “passage”, a subject that has inspired many artists throughout the ages.

From the geometric structures of the Gao Brothers’ photography works, to the surrealist installations of Wu Junyong, the metaphorical ink paintings of Dai Guangyu or the enigmatic pieces of Zane Mellupe, the theme of passage is subject to a rich symbolic language, including revelation of a new world and of knowledge. In this exhibition, in contrast to one thousand apertures, just one face: the self-portrait of a young man of frail physical aspect, penetrating stare and neglected beard. A bunch of keys around his neck, does he hold access to another world?

1000 Apertures & 1 Visage
Group Exhibition, ifa Gallery
Vernissage Preview: 11th March
Public Exhibition: 12th March to 8th May
Thursday through Sundays 10am to 7pm
Rue des Renards / Vossenstraat 28
1000 Bruxelles / Brussels, Belgium
Entrance Free

Paris, France
31|03 - 03|04

Contemplation Corner No1
Zane Mellupe, 2016

For this year’s edition of Art Paris ifa gallery has thought up an exhibition of graphic aspects. The visitor can escape into a parallel universe in which lines cavort, structures slot into one another, and colours frolic freely.

Three young Korean artists exhibit subtle, conscious pieces. Ju Young Ban (1978), a Brooklyn Pratt Institute graduate in painting (New-York), constructs structured and celestial forms. The meticulously sewn pieces of Yulim Song (1983) seem to suspend time. Jinhwa Jung (1986) paint outside of conventions and classic forms. The de-structuring of their painted subjects result in a daring new compositional approach.

Among the artists working in China, an emblematic figure of the avant-garde, Chinese artist Dai Guangyu (China, 1955) brings together contemporary art and ancestral tradition. Lithuanian artist Zane Mellupe (Latvia, 1981) conceives her art regrouping installations and photography in mixed technique, an approach of “thinking in imagery”. Internationally acclaimed, the work of the Gao Brothers (China, 1956 and 1962) has over two decades questioned the place of humans within society, using the specific case of China whilst producing a universal understanding. Li Chevalier's (China, 1961) experimental ink painting style can be identified by her personal way of incorporating Chinese ink into canvas, blended with pigment, mineral chips, sand and elements of Chinese art such as rice paper and calligraphy.

Art Paris Art Fair 16
Grand Palais, ifa Gallery stand
Vernissage Preview: 30th March
Public Exhibition: 31st March to 3rd April
11.30am to 8pm(Thurs), 9pm(Fri), 8pm(Sat) & 7pm(Sun)
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris, France
Entrance Fee please see here

Riga, Latvia
22|04 - 12|06

Zane Mellupe, 2013

'Restart', the major exhibition of the Riga Photography Biennial 2016, will open to the public at Riga Art Space on 22 April, featuring work by eighteen internationally recognised artists searching for a connection between the past and the present.

The main idea behind this exhibition can be described as a desire to deepen our understanding of the world we currently live in by highlighting its dialectic relationship with the past and the future. We can all but fantasize whether the future influences today, whilst attempting to guess what will be the shape of our future memories?

Until 12 June Rigans and many guests to the capital will be able to appreciate the work of following artists: Amalia Ulman (USA), Agniezska Polska (PL/NL) and Witek Orski (PL), Eva Stenram (SE/UK), Natasha Caruana (UK), Isabelle Wenzel (DE), Alexander Ugay (KZ), Camille Laurelli (FR/EE), Zane Mellupe (LV/CN), Meggy Rustamova (GE/BE), Danila Tkachenko (RU), Jana Romanova (RU), Laura Prikule (LV), Karoliina Paappa (FI), Katinka Goldberg (SE/NO), Paul Herbst (LT/DE), Arnas Anskaitis (LT) and Uldis Briedis (LV).

Riga Art Space
Vernissage Preview: 22nd April
Public Exhibition: 22nd April to 12th June
Tuesdays through Sundays, 11am to 6pm
Kungu iela 3
Riga, Latvia
Entrance Free