Ongoing & upcoming exhibitions

Shanghai, China
20|11 2015 - 30|1 2016

Creating Terminology? Entropy? 2015

'Creating Terminology? Entropy?' solo exhibition at Shanghai's The Bund Art Museum features a selection of work from Zane Mellupe’s ‘graphies’ series of artworks, an ambitious project that explores the materiality of her medium, photography, through the use of the language used to define it, an attempt to create a personal dictionary through which to translate her work, allowing the visual medium to be read and interpreted in much the same way as the written word. .

Creating Terminology? Entropy?
Vernissage Preview: 19th November at 4pm
Public Exhibition: 20th September to 30th January
Mondays through Saturdays, 10am to 5.30pm
201 HanKou Lu, Huangpu District
Shanghai, China
Entrance Free

Brussels, Belgium
5|12 2015 - 4|2 2016

Functions or speaking in terms of tools, 2014

'Unique Editions' a duo exhibition at ifa gallery, Brussels, allows the artists to showcase the medium of photography freed from it's two dimensional constraints, exploring new artistic fields and utilizing innovative technical supports. Photography becoming a physical object rediscovers the emotion contained within an instant, no longer reproducable as it's reality has already been altered by the photographer's hand.

Unique Editions
Vernissage Preview: 4th December at 5pm
Public Exhibition: 5th December to 4th February
Thursday through Sundays 10am to 7pm
Rue des Renards / Vossenstraat 28
1000 bruxelles / brussel, Belgium
Entrance Free

Shanghai, China
19|12 2015 - 18|3 2016

Babel Me, 2015

'Babel Me' a group exhibition at The Shanghai Museum of Glass, approaches the topic of urban renewal and explores how it's effects on society, examining how the changes inherent in city regeneration, the destruction and rebuilding of both property and communities, affects an individual’s and therefore a community’s thinking and relationship forming process.‘Babel me’ will illuminate questions about it's speed, direction, accountability and associated benefits.

Babel me
Vernissage Preview: 18th December at 7pm
Public Exhibition: 19th December to 18th March
Tuesdays through Sundays, 9.30am to 5pm
685 Changjiang West Road, Baoshan District
Shanghai, China
Entrance Free